About Us


Demera opened its doors in November of 2007, and quickly rose in both popularity and prestige, winning awards and recognition from local and national publications alike. Over a decade later, Demera Ethiopian Restaurant has grown to become one of Chicago’s favorite Ethiopian restaurants and a staple of the Ethiopian-American community of Chicago. Situated within the vibrant and colorful neighborhood of Uptown, Demera serves Chicago residents and visitors daily, allowing guests to experience Ethiopian hospitality and a whole lot of flavor. 


Demera’s owner, Tigist Reda, was born and raised in Ethiopia and has lived in Chicago for the past 20(+) years. She learned the secrets of traditional Ethiopian cuisine from the elder women in her family, by helping them to prepare family meals and banquets. As an adult, Tigist discovered that she had a passion for entertaining guests and for sharing herself and her family’s culture with them. Several months later, with the help of her former husband, Tigist opened Demera Ethiopian Restaurant and began serving authentic Ethiopian cuisine to the public.


For many of the guests experiencing Demera Ethiopian Restaurant, for the first time or as repeat customers, what impresses and fascinates them the most is not only the exciting flavors, excellent service, and exotic traditions of Ethiopia but also the experience of communal “family-style” hand-eaten meals shared among family and friends.


Demera has been recognized and received excellent reviews from the Chicago press, such as: Eater 38 Essential Chicago Restaurants, Hungry Hound, Yelp, Zagat, Check Please!, And Michelin Guide Recommended, among others. 


At Demera Ethiopian Restaurant we serve traditional Ethiopian cuisine using only the freshest, high quality, and authentic ingredients. 


Chef Tigist is passionate about bringing delicious, authentic Ethiopian cuisine to Chicago. 


You can enjoy classics like Doro Wat, lemon-marinated chicken stewed in berbere sauce and served with onions, garlic, and ginger. 


Coffee Lovers – Demera also roasts its own Ethiopian coffee beans.